Debit Release Cards

Using a Visa® or MasterCard® branded prepaid debit card, a- released prisoner can withdraw cash at an ATM or purchase items at any retail location. Already proven to be successful, this program is currently installed across six states in over 125 institutions.

Offenders can:

  • Use the card at virtually all ATMs and at over one million retail locations
  • Receive direct deposits to their card from family, friends and employers
  • Load funds to their card from over 40,000 retail locations across the country
  • Access account information 24/7/365 via a toll-free telephone number or

Agency Benefits:

  • Eliminate checks and check fraud
  • Eliminate cash at the facility
  • Offenders can use the card virtually anywhere
  • Offenders have immediate access to cash
  • JPay handles all customer service

What better way to teach a released offender about money management in 2011